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A Sense of Place

As the world becomes more global, a local "sense of place" and community become more important. Georgia is creating more cities in an effort to increase this feeling of security and stability. CIDs are also increasing as a way to develop this sense of place. A Community Improvement District contains the ability to design and create a local identity that benefits both the residential community, as well as the business community and commercial property owners.

Community Improvement District (CID)

A Community Improvement District (CID) is a powerful public-private tool that can revitalize business districts and re-energize the entire community. A CID is a geographically defined district in which the commercial property owners vote to impose additional ad valorem real estate taxes.  

The ability of a CID to focus on projects specific to its area enables commercial property owners to address issues of direct importance to them. The role of a CID is to use its money to attract State and Federal funds. Without a CID, a project could take much longer, if it is ever considered by government decision makers at all. A CID is a powerful advocate that places clearly identified projects on a fast track for completion. Georgia CIDs have a track record of a 10-1 return on the investment of property owners for project funding.

Skyline Strategy works to ensure the CID board achieves their goals, implements a positive and accurate public relations plan, and is successful in continuing its efforts for years to come.

For long-term economic security, the questio is no longer whether a CID is the answer, only when it will be formed and who will determine the design and scope.

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